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January 21, 2010

California Art

Hey there, just stopped in to New York for a few days on my way to Rome.  

new york skyline

Landed in time to hit the streets for a much needed jog around central park and trek down to the financial district for Canadian dancer/photographer Paul-Andre’ Fortier’s live performance infront of 1 New York Plaza.  Every day for 30 days Fortier will perform for 30 minutes at high noon inside a taped off square (30′ x 30′ of course) right in the middle of the outdoor area of the plaza.  Yup, some things are still free in New York.

Believe it or not, this performance, composed of gestures like flailing arms, push ups, quasi yoga asanas, skipping, jumping, spins, intense eye contact, occasional sound effects (coming from the artist) and even some elegant modern dance sequences managed to silence the din we have all come to know and love on the streets of NYC. It’s true, silence prevailed.  There was an occasional cell phone screamer and awkward group of young men only too eager to avoid the scene that they caused a scene while fleeing. . . but all in all it was an outstanding performance (audience included). Bravo Mr. Fortier!

So if you are in NYC zip over to catch the show, great way to spend the afternoon!  Performance runs through August 14th, 2010.

Here are all the details and review from the New York Times.

 Next stop ???

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